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ANTWERP TO GALLIPOLI - A Year of the War on Many Fronts - and Behind Them [Illustrated Edition]

Length: 311 pages4 hours


Includes Gallipoli Campaign Map and Illustrations Pack -71 photos and 31 maps of the campaign spanning the entire period of hostilities.
Written in the tumultuous days of the opening months of the First World War, American writer Arthur Ruhl was one of the few English speaking journalists who saw first-hand behind the German and Turkish lines. He initially reported from the Belgian front, and accompanied the German Army as it marched to seeming victory; but they were bloodily stopped at the battle of the Marne by the French and then again by the British at Ypres. Ruhl then travelled to the far side of Europe to report on the struggles between the Turkish army and the British, French and Anzac forces at Gallipoli. The book he penned is vivid, immediate and filled with graphic vignettes of the fighting that he witnessed.
Warmly recommended.

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