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Truthful Christianity, Judaism and Islam

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Religion & Spirituality - Truthful Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is not a book on spiritualism and in fact it is a book of spirituality vs religion. It delineates what are the differences in religions and speaks about religion spirituality. It away the myths and misinformation and presents only the facts about the world’s three great monotheistic faiths. Perceptions abound, downright lies are spread and even the truth is suppressed both good and bad and all in the name of God. From the Christian Crusades to the 500 years of the SPANISH Inquisition, from the scourge of the sword of Islam as it spread form the borders of Southwest Asia, to today’s Islamic terrorist, and from the pogroms of Russia and the final solution of the Nazi Endlosung, the three great religions have suffered at the hands of Satan and his demon hordes. Find out the truth; you need to read this book!

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