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Equip Your Church To Love

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Fundamentally our current church structure and systems are upside down. Because of this we are experiencing a systemic failure in our churches and denominations. Evidence of this is that worldwide all major denominations are in decline. What is more, this historical issue is even trapping the wonderful humble Men and Women of God who have sacrificed themselves tirelessly for their local churches.

The secret to having and building a successful church is clearly spelt out in the Bible. Equip Your Church To Love shows us what the bible tells us about how to mobilize our people into their ministry of love in order to transform them, our churches and the whole community around us.

God is calling us to reform our churches and prepare for the end time revival. We cannot carry on how we are—there needs to be a change in what we call church in order to unite the Body of Christ and to equip our churches to be ready for the end time revival.

This small book is designed to help us to re-examine what we call church and to see if what we are currently doing accurately lines up with the Word of God.

Read it, pray about it, earnestly seek the truth and ask God what he is calling you to do.

To those churches that are already practicing this, we pray that this will help you to more closely define what you are doing so that you can teach others and lead them into the truth.

Your feedback and questions are welcome—so we can all grow together in the Lord (for contact details see About the Author).

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