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Eat Or Taste? : An M/M Easter Special Short

17 pages11 minutes


A Story To Keep You Full This Easter!

When Wayne surprises his new neighbor, Dean with a home cooked meal, he didn't realize who else could get stuffed..

"I have much better food" I said, as I bent down.
My boxers fell out and he was left looking at my arse.
"Still searching for it"
I waved my ass in the air as I pretended to be looking for something.
He smacked his lips.
He was taking in deep breaths.
I could feel his frustration.
I took my fingers to my rectum hole and itched it.
More like rubbed my finger against rectum hole while I moaned.
I stood up and pretended to stretch, as I pulled off my apron revealing my goods.
I walked up to him, as I said
"Would you like to eat or taste?"
"Eat." he replied.


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