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Vetter Health Services

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Jack and Eldora Vetter began Vetter Health Services (VHS) in 1975 with the belief that elderly people deserve dignity in life. Forty years later, what began as the couple's personal mission has grown to include more than 30 award-winning senior-care facilities home to 2,200 residents and patients who are cared for by 3,500 team members. Based in Elkhorn, Nebraska, VHS is recognized as a national leader in providing safe, comfortable, and happy senior living centers. Each facility is built around the individual needs of residents and the community; every aspect of care and operation is shaped by the VHS mission, vision, and values. Support and expertise are always available from administrators and team members who share Jack and Eldora Vetter's heart for service and passion for excellence. Together, they are changing the view of long-term care for senior citizens.

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