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I Have Colorectal Cancer: What Now?

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I am the poster child for what happens when you don’t heed the warning to get a colonoscopy done at age 50! I had all the usual excuses...I don’t have time; the prep drink is icky; the procedure is embarrassing; I’m afraid it will hurt, and I don’t want anything going up my backside. Trust me! All that goes out the window when you’re diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer and you face radiation, chemo therapy and surgeries to rid yourself of it. The treatments typically drag on for over a year and the side effects can be debilitating.

Colorectal cancer is ugly. It’s nasty to have, think about, talk about and see, up close and personal. I have not sugar-coated any of my experiences and I have included photos that are not pretty. If you have been diagnosed with CRC, it may benefit you greatly to come along on my journey and see what commonly happens to a typical CRC patient. If you love someone who has been diagnosed, you may gain a better understanding of what he or she is going through.

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