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Dark Assassin: Dark Wolf Series, #1

332 pages3 hours


Samara Damalas is an assassin with the Order of Odin, and uses her skills as a succubus to enthral and kill her targets.   One touch and any man is hers to control.  Until she tries to recruit a werewolf for a mission to stop the production of a deadly virus which turns werewolves into feral killing machines.  Her hand on his skin does nothing but ignite a passion in her that tests the limits of her control.    

Eric Johnson has spent six long years cutting himself off from anyone who could touch his heart.  He is forced to leave his solitary life behind when his twin brother goes missing.  And he suspects that the beautiful and deadly Samara knows more about that than she is letting on.  He agrees to the mission so he can learn more about what happened to his brother, but vows to resist the attraction she stirs within him.  

Now Eric and Samara must out run those who seek to stop their mission and end their lives, while protecting their hearts from the love threatening to consume them both.

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