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Living Christianity The Secondary Doctrines of Christ

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Many Christians are faced with the challenge of how to work out their own Salvation in a way that is pleasing to God. A rudimentary understanding of Scripture is not enough. Sunday sermons and daily devotionals will not give the needed instruction from which to solve a serious problem, or point Believers onto the road that God has prepared for them.
Many times Jesus used the phrase, “To those who have ears to hear.” God has locked up, in his word, the wisdom of ages - to solve every problem and to lead believers to the reception of their hope – Eternal Life. Each Christian’s journey is not a cookie-cut format that everyone follows. God has made a specific path that each believer must look for, and follow, to become a disciplined learner. There is life yet to partake of - beyond repentance and belief, baptism and Sunday service. Who has the ears to hear the Spirit’s call into serious discipleship, and pragmatic and fruitful personal ministry?
The author, Frank J. Verderber, has used the received Greek and Hebrew texts, along with the KJV and NIV as primary Translations. His work is fact based, linear in syntax, with word studies exegeted formally – yet, he has added common place examples and commentary where needed.
Written for use by all denominations, this book follows the unadulterated word God in the raw, and avoids sectarian bios.

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