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Whom Could We Tell? Who Would Believe Us?

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Several youngsters returning home from school stumble across a man lying face down on the country road that appears lifeless. Not knowing what to do with him they seek help from a farmer they know who is working in the fields nearby. The farmer, Frank Bosworth, goes to attend to the man anxious to help him if he can. However, when he’s alongside the inert figure and gets a good look at him he becomes stupefied for he immediately identifies him as the person he had run over and killed in an automobile accident a year ago.

In the story that follows, strange incidents such as that one, has the people in York, North Dakota believing they’ve been inundated by strangers from another planet, and it’s only at the end of a long series of remarkable events that they ultimately ‘see’, what they had only surmised, materialize and become real.

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