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The Place

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Is there life after death? This is a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. In The Place the question is addressed first hand through the authors own experiences while offering his understanding to everyone.
The Place is a journey through the life of the author who shares his experiences with the reader in an effort to clarify what death and alternative consciousness is about. It is the heartwarming story of two brothers love for one another as they enter and exit each other lives during their walk together.
The introduction by Ed McGaa, reveals to the reader that the author has a definite connection to the spirit world and his willingness to share this with the reader offers everyone with the ability to experience this understanding for themselves.
“Jerry McGowan, is “connected” to that spirit world that lies beyond. It behooves all who seek confidence from learning that a mystic realm does await us all. Jerry’s real-life happenings upon his journey certainly have renewed my confidence, as did those of Chiefs Fools Crow and Bill Eagle Feather long ago.” — Eagle Man, Oglala Sioux, OST-15287- Author, Mother Earth Spirituality

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