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Mass Schizophrenia

360 pages9 hours


Drew Dunkel, reporter, has been feeling funny lately.

Maybe it’s because his estranged daughter is back in town, apparently eager to renew their acquaintance. Or is she? Suddenly she’s visiting him at the newspaper, raving about conspiracy theories and mind control. When she’s clapped into a mental institution for observation, Drew doesn’t know what to think.

But then she escapes--or does she?

Meanwhile, Drew feels funnier and funnier. Until one day, he wakes up with a cancer--and things really start to get weird.

Either Drew is going crazy, or someone wants him to think he is.

Too strangely timeless to be sci-fi (cell phones have become internal, but newspapers are still being published), too eerily ambiguous to be a murder mystery (an anonymous suicide may or may not be a suicide--and may or may not be anonymous), too compulsively readable to be “literature,” Mass Schizophrenia is a psychological thriller that makes you feel just what it must be like to become a paranoid schizophrenic.

Or is it?

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