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Life Happens: Bounce Back!

126 pages3 hours


Motivational speaker, life coach and TV personality Lisa Bien is proof anyone can Bounce Back from adversity!

With humor and raw honesty, Lisa uses autobiographical accounts of key events in her life to explain her Bouncing Back strategy. The 4-step Bounce Back Into You plan she presents in this book is the backbone of her motivational talks and workshops where she teaches the art of self-love. Her message is powerful: we all need to develop self-love if we are to find the ability to handle adversity. By learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally, you develop the self-confidence and resiliency needed to overcome life's obstacles and even come out on top.

The 4-step plan is a practical and useful guide that can be used by anyone at any age or stage in life. In addition to it, Lisa offers a multitude of exercises and techniques that she successfully uses personally and with her life coaching clients on a regular basis. It's a short book with a powerful impact presented in an encouraging, girl-next-door style.

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