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On the Fives Collection Two

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Abernathy has his whole life planned out perfectly - the woman he will marry, the job he will have. He even has his wedding night planned down to every last detail. His only problem - he does not want to go into it a virgin.

Just how far will Mark go in Julie's game?

A story about Jack and Diane, and the sacrifices made for love and the perfect gift.

Alan tries his best to be what other people expect, but even he knows that facade has to end one day. When he comes home to find his girlfriend naked with a story to tell, it may be enough to leave him undone.

Darlene is a successful business woman with a vibrant sex life - in her mind.

Cassie has just finished a 5 year sentence in prison for car theft and (accidental) kidnapping. Looking to reform herself, she makes the controversial move of placing herself in a rehabilitation program ... as a sexual submissive.

Jamie has wanted Ellen for a long time, and accepted long ago that he let that chance pass him by. Now her marriage is falling apart, and she has needs. What else is a best friend to do, but help in any way he can?

"On the Fives" are short stories of different styles and flavors. Each one is a commissioned fantasy, personally crafted by Holle and now available to you. From a man's exploration into his anima to infatuation between friends, join fellow readers as they explore their deepest fantasies.

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