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A Night at the Opera

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Many of us are creatures of routine. We establish an activity or series of activities in life that we love. The pleasure they give encourages us to pursue a like pattern over and over. Such was the life of Robert Coninghame. His love was immersing himself in the art of opera. The highlight of that enjoyment was attending an expertly composed and executed opera by unequaled performers and musicians in a magnificent theater. When he was not attending an opera he was immersed in reading and learning about every aspect of this marvelous world. His passion for the opera was equaled by no other endeavor, until . . .

One night, in a moment, a chance encounter crushed his precisely arranged life and neatly compartmentalized existence. It rearranged his priorities for the rest of his life. Follow Robert through a trilogy of stories that began at “A Night at the Opera” and ended most unusually. The “no smoking” sign is on, buckle your seatbelts, and check the life preserver under your seat (literally). This may be an unconventional, thought provoking, and turbulent trip to a place you were not expecting to go.

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