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The Mermaid's Wedding: Part One: Eira

42 pages36 minutes


At nineteen, mermaid Eira is ready for adventure--and her brother's upcoming wedding is going to provide the opportunity she needs. Her brother's best friend, Sel, has fueled her sensual fantasies for the past year, and now she's determined to make those fantasies come true! But love and lust have taken over the entire wedding party, leading Eira into situations that she had never even fantasized about. Her brother's fiancée, Hesse, is the most beautiful woman Eira has ever seen--and the sexiest. Plus, Eira's two oldest friends, twins Sehbee and Hana, are determined to bring Eira down the same sexy path they're on. This is the first installment of The Mermaid's Wedding series--read on to find how the rest of the wedding party find their dreams (and more) coming true!

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