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The Go-Ann Legacy Book 4

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They came to earth searching for the minerals that had been depleted on their own planet, when their space ship developed troubles and departed leaving them stranded. This is a story explaining how a little boy called Pukely, was born in Australia in the year nineteen hundred and sixty, to two of those people, they had travelled forward through time in a sophisticated machine from forty thousand years in the past when they were abandoned on earth. The little boy grew up in the current period and by using the “magic” of the time travel machine or ‘shell’ was able to go back forty thousand years and rescue his parents, and his people, called the Go – Ann, and transfer them to the current period of time. The ‘shell’ was found to possess not only the magic capabilities of time travel, but could pass onto the Go – Ann people remarkable knowledge stored in gem stones; left behind with the ‘shell’ by the departing space ship personnel. When the Go – Ann people received their advanced tailored training through the ‘shell’, they were in possession of knowledge one thousand years in advance of anything known by the humans on earth. The Go – Ann set about creating a place for themselves in the Australian outback that would benefit future generation of their people. They used their advance technology gained from their ‘shell’ training to invent wonderful new discoveries that allowed them to build things that were unique and sensational. Forty thousand years earlier many small groups of Go – Ann were left stranded in various places around the earth when the space ship they arrived in abandoned them. I brought only one of these groups forward in time to rescue them, thought Pukely the leader of the Go – Ann; maybe I should use our technology and go back and see if we can rescue some of the other groups. Book four outlines how he travels back in time through the shell and what becomes of his endeavours to rescue his brothers and sisters.

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