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Man of the Forest

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This book is about the history of exploration and survey of Victoria's timber resources. It is the story of three Norwegians, but more especially my father, Kristian Drangsholt. It also encompasses the way of life at that time and the growing up of a family in the forests and the constant moving from place to place. It is an enigma how three Norwegian foresters from the same town, Kristiansand, in Norway would all end up working for the Victorian Forests Commission in the early part of the twentieth century.Before that time no extensive or quality assessment of Victoria's forests' values had been undertaken.These men who were well educated were the pioneers of forest assessment in this country, and my father led the way for thirty years. One of these men,Bjarne Dahl was so attached to the forests here, that in his will he bequeathed a large proportion of his considerable wealth to the Forest Commission to educate the masses and plant trees for the future of the forests. No one knew this man well, but because he was a countryman and close friend of my father, I was interviewed by Peter Evans about him and subsequently attended Government house, met the Governor and was on hand at the launch of the Bjarne Dahl Trust. This experience prompted me to finish my father's own story as he too, had spent all of his life with the Forests Commission, and was a leader in assessment in this country.What he had given, although not in monetary value was priceless in its' own way!

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