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The Turning Tide (Medical Romance Series

308 pages8 hours


Overcome with disbelief and anger when she learns of her husband’s grubby little affair, Sandra realises she is about to be replaced by a ‘younger model’, ousted by the scheming Roxy.

But common-sense prevails. The sooner she is rid of her cheating husband, Mike, the better. Her marriage over and, adamant no man will wheedle his way into her life ever again, Sandra is determined to start afresh and establish a new beginning.

Despite her good intentions, when she embarks on a Caribbean cruise the handsome ship’s doctor, Giorgio Rossini, comes into her life unsteadying her. But Sandra’s thoughts are in chaos when she sees the way he is with young nurse, Mariela and, unsure of his relationship with the nurse, she becomes guarded. But, whilst she has problems discovering the truth about his marital status, she tells herself situations are not always what they appear, and she struggles to resist his charms.

Her feelings blow hot and cold, vacillating from positive to negative. Will she falter and give in to temptation or will she remain strong and maintain her resolve?

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