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How to Start a Business and Be Your Own CEO

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"A very practical guide with many options and ideas to consider for starting a business, this book is an easy read lots of great nuggets you can actually use. For those considering starting a business, many ideas are outlined that we may not have considered. By outlining sound business principles, the author allows us to come to our own conclusions while sprinkling the content with live examples and stories."-- Diana M. Needham How to Start a Business and Be Your Own CEO explores trends in entrepreneurship, with practical information on how to plan and launch a business. Provides useful information on topics such as finance, marketing, home business tax deductions, finding a suitable business idea. Includes bibliography. Business start-up handbook covers a range of topics including self employment, small business, business basics, micro business, how to get started, home business, planning, home business tax advantages, business ideas, business mentors, wellness business, green business, food truck, airbnb, pet business, cleaning, home maintenance, why start a business, franchising, network marketing, affiliate marketing, multiple businesses, sole proprietor, marketing, networking, finance, debt management, pay as you go, types of business structures. Includes bibliography.

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