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A Highland Folly: A Regency Romance

258 pages4 hours


Anice Kinloch once traveled the world with her mother. Now she has returned to the family home in the Scottish Highlands along with her pets—a dog and a llama. She is expected to find matches for her twin cousins who are close to her own age, and other responsibilities are heaped on her. To escape them for an hour, she walks up the brae. A shot is fired close to her. It misses her and Lucais MacFarlane, who has come to build a bridge across a nearby river. Lucais hates being back in the Highlands. Not only that, but he despises how people who once ignored him now play court to him because he has become his father’s heir. He doesn’t trust anyone to like him for himself, but he is fascinated with pretty Anice who has so many duties of her own. So who was shooting at them? The search for that answer leads them into a maze of old traditions and new hatreds. To learn the truth they need to trust a love that can bridge two hearts.

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