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The Players Code

The Players Code

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The Players Code

5/5 (1 rating)
81 pages
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Mar 31, 2015


What will you do if you had the power to make any woman irresistibly attracted to you?
The Players Code, a ''Love Pill'' for men and women. Check out numerous successful methods in this exciting sexual book, that conveys the best SHOCKING!!! Ways to draw in various types of hot women…ways to make them go so insane that they'll be taking a swing at you from diverse angles like a traffic jam. This book is also written for both men and women, it is designed to also help you discover the missing link in your sex life. It also teaches that for a woman to feel the attraction for you, she has to associate some sexual or positive emotion with you. The inability to understand this inner female flow leads many men to the romantic cul-de-sac. This book is designed to help them out of this rut and have them living like James Bond.
Mar 31, 2015

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The Players Code - Prince Thompson Iyamu


A great deal of guys assume they are skilful players purely based on the sort of clothes they wear, the cars they drive, even how FAT their pocket is. Wealth is important, however, the heart of a true player runs deeper if ever you wish to hold the power to make any woman IRRESISTIBLY attracted to you. How would you feel if you had a perfect girl that loved you? Would you want a PASSIONATE relationship? Perhaps begin a family with her? In this book, you would gain by learning different methods on how to satisfy woman both sexually and mentally and as well become a true player by learning the player’s code and game.


For one thing, I am a man, and I’m mindful ladies are really damn COMPLICATED; they sometimes can stir a little confusion in our minds.

Some women would act super sweet or pretend to be interested with the gentleman just to get a free drink and soon afterwards they’d leave without the courtesy of giving you the right mobile number. As well, I’ve seen ladies who chat up a storm without mentioning they are in a relationship or even married until the gentleman requests to call. Even, they would go as far as to give the guy the wrong digits with the intention to exhaust his finance for a fun night with her friends and then sadly go without being civil to extend the gratitude. For as much as the incivility, before the night’s over when she sees his Super Car Parked outside she Quickly alters her opinion and gives the right number saying she supposes she missed a few Digits ‘because of my car? .

There are tons of women who will totally lead you on just to enjoy the flattery. It’s cruel ‘I know, but it’s the truth and as a man with much Swag and game, I’d love to help you in making sense of if the lady you’re keen on is ACTUALLY into you. Furthermore, you’d too wind up knowing whether the woman is in need just to score a compliment for that evening or a free night at the bar. Moreover of more essentialness, you will take in a technique to help your swag and PLAYER code.

Now listen up guys…

RULE No 1: Never exhaust all your energy on a girl and never lose focus of the big picture. As a true player, never waste your energy and time on a particular girl or a group of girls.

RULE No 2. Leaving girls ill timed is a big mistake. Be sure to connect with the girl(s) in that as you decide to circulate meeting other friends and beautiful models, they will capture the way of your balance, cleaned conduct and charm; and if you decide to give them audience, they’ll be glad you came back. However, in the event your presence is longer than expected could convey desperation and may weaken your charisma.

Presently here are 7 DEFINITE Signs that she’s genuinely into you so give careful consideration gentlemen!!!

1). She Spends Time on You Even When You’re Not Around.

What’s more, the attraction between two people ought to grow stronger even in absence. Likewise, in spite her being aware you are preoccupied, she texts or calls you regardless.

Whether or not she leaves a cute voicemail just to say hello or sends a text to convey her thoughts is a HUGE indicator that she’s got you on her mind. Furthermore, an alternate way a woman might make known her interest is by buying you a gift just because :)

To outline, my wife Wendy will purchase anything she thinks I might take a liking to if she’s out shopping. Trust me, a woman won’t waste her time or money on a man that is of no interest or use to her. Keep that in mind.

2) She Stalks You on Facebook

Nowadays, when a lady meets a fellow the QUICKEST and least demanding approach to obtain much information of him are by digging up dirt on Facebook or some other informal organization in associations with him. If she leaves comments on older photos or posts, then it indicates she’s been stalking you a bit…But in a good way. She’s utilizing these systems simply to increase more data of your sort of individual without coming on too strong or scaring.

However, in the event she sends not a friend request, then unfortunately, she may not really be that intrigued about your person. In situations like this, don’t fuss it…Move On and proceed with the lady that truly needs to be with you.

3) She wants you all to herself

A woman DEFINITELY will make it known that you are hers. If at all you’re at a bar and she see’s you engaged with another girl, chances are, if she’s interested in furthering the relationship, she will intrude on the discussion quicker

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  • (5/5)
    Its an amazing Book to read. A must have. Its highly educative for guys with low self esteem when it comes to dealing with all kinds of women out there.