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Chasing Clues in Jimmy Choos

285 pages4 hours


Opal Harper is a feisty 89 year old who spends her days drinking wine, playing cards, and flirting with men half her age. But when her kindhearted employer Steve dies under suspicious (and possibly murderous) circumstances, she takes it upon herself to find the culprits responsible and bring them to justice.

But that's easier said than done. A triumvirate of scheming women (Steve's ditzy trophy wife, cold-blooded daughter, and cooky ex) each have a personal interest in making sure that Opal doesn't find anything. And worse, all three of them have a cast of hired henchmen ready to do dirty deeds on their behalf. Opal will have to dodge a mysterious knife-wielding nun, a smooth-talking pimp, and a lethal voodoo priestess (and more) in the process if she wants to find the truth.

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