Starflacker: Inside the Golden Age of Hollywood

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Starflacker: Inside the Golden Age of Hollywood

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (1 rating)
Length: 981 pages15 hours


A renowned Hollywood press agent to the superstars.. a “starflacker” in a phrase his daughter coined for him.. captures the spirit of the Golden Age of Hollywood and of its legendary talents. His very personal experience of their wit, charm and antics, relived in well over a thousand anecdotes, defines a time of classic films and undying stardoms which made Hollywood the world’s code-word for glamour and meaningful entertainment.  Reflecting the distinctive originality of the hundreds of stars-forever with whom he worked and interwove, each tale is drawn from his sixty years at the top and on the inside, decades of cherished insights, amusements and adventures. In the process he reveals why there once was a time of beloved stardoms which defined and inspired the public’s shared dreams and values.. and why it has slipped away.    
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