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The Gap Between

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Stung by an insult, Angela Basson lives the lie of an estranged relationship with her husband, Steve. On overhearing a radio interview with Joachim Walsh, a romantic wilderness healer, she sets out with her best friend Janet, to face the challenge of one night alone and unprotected under a tree as a first step in a journey of reaching for emotional maturity. She does so and yet still cannot escape the vows binding her to her failing marriage. When Steve arranges a party, to inform his business partner, Jimmy, of his intention to borrow money, and expects Angela to organize things as per usual, Angela reneges. For the first time she fails herself. The party is a disaster, but from it Angela emerges stronger and more determined to set the past right. In a mad midnight mission to find her rebel son, Troy, she takes the second step into the courage needed to win back her self esteem. She breaks the bonds of denial blinding her to the flirtations of Janet and Steve and lays her plans for revenge. Yet, despite her years of training as a personal coach, she fails to foresee the betrayal awaiting her and is forced to retreat beaten and defeated - until banished from home by her own sons.

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