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2 PHASE Fat Attack DIET for Weight Loss

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I am just a regular guy who has tried nearly every diet written and failed them all. Then I decided I didn’t want to be fat so I spent time researching various methods used by dieticians, bodybuilders and regular people.
What I learnt really amazed me. I thought I knew how to diet “it’s just restricting calories right?” Wrong! There is so much more to it. Restricting calories is only part of the solution. It’s about what you eat and how you eat as well. I started by writing down everything I was learning and created myself a mix of different diets plans, foods and eating regimes. I whittled out what didn’t work then I condensed these down the 2 eating methods I found worked best and to my surprise I lost 5 stone (70lb) (31kg) in around 6 months.
Re program your eating habits and lose fat with our 2 phase system. If like me you've tried every diet and failed give this a try, you've nothing To lose except fat.

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