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Growing Essential Herbs Organically

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Table of Contents

Growing Essential Herbs Organically
Knowing More about Herbal Plant Culture
Some Important Herbs and How to Grow Them
Basil [Ocimum basilicum]
Chives [Allium schoenoprasum]
Horseradish [Armorecia rusticana]
Horseradish and Applesauce
Root Cuttings
Sweet Marjoram [Origanum majorana]
Parsley Petroselinum crispum
Fish Parsley
First Method
Second Method
Fennel [Foeniculum vulgare]
Mint Chutney
Herb Harvesting
Herbal Teas
Basil Tea
Mint Tea
Medicinal Chamomile Tea
Sweet Woodruff [Gallium odoratum]
Sweet Cicely [Myrrhis odorata]
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If you have always wanted to grow herbs in your garden or on your windowsill, but did not know how to get things moving, well, here you are. This essential guide is going to tell you all about some of the important herbs, which you can grow very easily on that particular sunny spot on your windowsill or even indoors.
Herb Gardens have been considered to be a very valuable part of the garden, for centuries. Monks and nuns in medieval times were very proud of their herbal gardens and most of all, they knew all about the curative property of these herbs. They also knew that these herbs were very valuable, in matters of taste, and aroma when added to hitherto bland dishes.

Since ancient times, man has known all about the power of herbs, as a medicine, as a food additive and as an easily cultivated plant resource in his garden. Spices may have been rare to obtain. One needed to travel to all corners of the world to get exotic spices. But herbs, native herbs were easily available in the wild as long as you recognized them. And then you could bring back their cuttings, or their seeds and plant them in your own garden.

And they flourished there, ready to be picked and to be used in one’s own culinary delights and delicacies coming out fresh from the kitchen.

This book is going to tell you how you can grow herbs organically. Organically means, that you are going to use natural and traditional ways in which to cultivate these plants. You are not going to use any chemical fertilizers on them. Instead, you are going to be using animal manure and compost as well as other natural products in order to make your herbs grow in the way nature intended their growth.

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