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Jane's Big Bang (Love & Desire, #2)

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Jane's Big Bang (Love & Desire, #2)

Length: 64 pages52 minutes


Jane's Big Bang tells the story of Jane, an underwear model who meets the geeky, but sexy Hartley Montgomery who has never so much as kissed a girl - and teaches him a thing or two about the sexy things women like. Jane likes hooking up lot, but when she meets shy Hartley – a scientist with a hot body who has never so much as kissed a girl, Jane may have to wait and teach Hartley what a woman likes. And she does. Their hot and steamy sessions leave her breathless for more. But is Jane patient enough to wait until Hartley is ready for his first experience? Or will her rakish ex-lover Caleb tempt her away from a relationship with Hartley for a night of hot love. But Hartley is worth the wait, for when Jane's big bang comes, it so much more than she ever imagined. 

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