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High Seas Honeymoon: An Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths Mystery, #7

224 pages3 hours


Agnes and Eleanor embark on a honeymoon cruise with their new husbands, Andrew and Mr. Wilson.  There are plenty of other Tawas residents along for the ride, although the newlyweds don’t realize this until they set out to sea. But the presence of the locals sets the stage for much drama to unfold …

For instance, there’s a crime … Agnes and Eleanor find the body of a woman, but wait ... the body disappears before the ship’s security and Captain Hamilton show up. To further complicate matters, there’s a question of whether the woman was even really dead. But none of these details detour Agnes and Eleanor as they hone in on some very goon-like men, Ricky and Leo, to help them get to the bottom of what really happened. Will the women ever be able to figure out what really transpired, or will this be the one case they won't be able to solve?

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