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The Taste of Honey: Love & Desire, #1

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The Taste of Honey: Love & Desire, #1

Length: 70 pages1 hour


The Taste of Honey is an erotic romantic short story with sizzling love with a little twist of taboo - Who is the hot sexy older man Honey has a steamy night of love with? And where has she seen him before?

2nd Edition release with NEW bonus erotic chapter AND chapter excerpts from Love & Desire books 2 & 3!

The taste of Honey is good, or so Mack says, the man Honey meets at a bar on a busy Friday night at the Hilton. Honey is so over men she abandoned them two years ago. As Honey waits for her always-late friend Jane, she dreams of what she could be doing at home - living out her fantasies with Tim....Enter Mack, a sexy and handsome older man in a crisp suit and tie. Honey is drawn into his sexy brown eyes and attracted to the hard lines of his body, and can't quite work out where she has seen him before. She doesn't want to date and has been hurt before, but when Mack kisses her to the applause of the bar patrons Honey wants more and she takes it in a steamy night of hot love but who is Mack really? And where has she seen him before?

If you like women's fiction and sexy erotic love stories with added spice then The Taste of Honey is for you.

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