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One Mother's Story

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A daughter's rebellion followed by her shocking, untimely death in a jail cell, brings unthinkable grief and a search for truth. Anger and grief prevail in the mother's life as she struggles with suppressing anger toward crumbling societal foundations and toward God. God responds through a modern day prophet, by instructing her to write a book and further challenges her to devise a strategy to mobilize people, advocating change in the criminal justice system for greater safety and safeguards for children who are in conflict with the law. As days turned into months, then into years, life and peace begin to return to a sorrowing mother's heart as she learns to focus heart and mind on the Living God, just as promised in His word. He had been there first. He, too, had lost a child. He knew. God's only Son was perfect. Leanne's behavior, far from perfection, yet she was deeply loved. Left behind, her sister and mother search for meaning and answers in a far from perfect world.

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