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How to Be Fit and Ageless Over 50

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How to Be Fit and Ageless Over 50
The key to becoming fit and ageless at any age is an “inside - out” approach. A plan of action with consistent effort will get results. The makeover begins on the inside, as first you need to decide this is what you want, and are willing to do the by day for the rest of your life. The mind is your most powerful tool, as a positive outlook, and a curious nature (which is a key to longevity) will keep you on the path. Meditation will help with focus and inner strength. Mindfulness will keep you aware of your actions. The body and mind are connected, and it all begins with the mind. A clean diet of real and healthy food will enable your body to repair itself as it was designed. Do not eat sugar! Sugar causes wrinkles thru a process called glycation. Sugary junk food increases your Alzheimer’s risk by slowing insulin flow to the brain. The only sugar you should ever eat is what is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and they contain anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants and nutrients that promote beautiful skin and a healthy body. Focus on eating lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats (such as olive oil and nuts). As a mature adult, you will not process protein as efficiently as a younger person so it is essential to eat it throughout the day. Eating every two to four waking hours will keep your energy level up and your body will not think it’s starving, so it won’t be as apt to store and slow down your metabolism.

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