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Forgive Us Our Debts: A Personal Account of experiencing Bankruptcy and Still Holding on to Faith

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What makes money so powerful; so dangerous? So tantalizing? We crave it, lust for it, steal and cheat for it. Couples fight over it. Marriages end because of it. Friendships die and families stop speaking to each other. It cannot buy health or happiness, and yet the wheels of finance keep turning and the message still rings out loud and clear, "If we only had more money..." Five years ago, Christl Schwarz and her husband filed for bankruptcy. It was and still remains the greatest challenge their marriage has faced. Struggling still to maintain a balance in a world where wants become needs and needs become debts, she endeavours to inspire and help people to gain insight and foresight into our current debt-challenged lives and culture - to see through the lure of having it all, having it right now and to consider the extreme cost of this philosophy.

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