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Revealed: Hope in the Vision of the Future

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Man has always wanted to know what the future will bring. The Book of Revelation is God's answer. It does not tell us details about the things we usually desire to know. We are so concerned with the temporal things of life. While God does address these in the Bible, He reveals much more about a future that will affect every person who has ever drawn the breath of life, or will in the years to come, for eternity. This future represents the great purpose of all our lives! In Revealed, Pastor Werner Kniesel relates in an easy-to-understand manner what realization he has drawn from the pages of Revelation. First published and received widely for German-speaking people in Europe, Pastor Kniesel has been approached many times to translate this important message for English-speaking readers. What amazed Kniesel after publishing the German edition is that not only believers were eager to read the book, but also many who were not Christian believers wanted to know what the Bible teaches about the future. It is highly recommended to read the biblical references to each of these chapters for the best understanding and most benefit.

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