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Trade Secret

135 pages2 hours


Kelly accompanies her mom and dad on a business trip to Cairo, Egypt, which just happens to coincide with a visit from the world's most successful cat burglar, who is there to steal a rare gold coin - the key to unlocking a hidden treasure. A prize worth the thief's life if not retrieved in a timely fashion. Little does the cat burglar know that Detective Eddie Bancroft is in hot pursuit to prevent the theft and catch who cannot be caught.

Tension builds as seemingly random mishaps follow Kelly and their guide, who is in possession of the coin, or is it an ancient curse? Kelly feels that it's linked to the mysterious hieroglyphics on the coin, which matchs the symbols of a recently opened crypt.

When Kim and her mom arrive in Cairo, Kelly fills her in on the mysterious happenings. Determined to unravel the link between the coin, the theif and the encounters, Kim and Kelly team up with Detective Eddie Bancroft to crack the case and discover the cat burglar's secret.

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