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The Complete Health System

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Health and Medical - The Complete Health System
by Dr. Harry Jay is a book that follows his belief
that total optimum health involves mind, body, soul
and spirit. He refers to this as The Complete Person.
Learn how to care for the body but more important
learn about the myths and myriad of products that
cause people to part with their hard-earned money.
Dr. Harry Jay tells-all in his book and debunks many
myths taken as accepted health principles. Do you
care about your quality of life? Most consumers
are confused about health and medical claims.
The general public is under constant bombardment
from various health and medical companies. Many
are in the health medical news due to some very
talented publicists. People with legitimate health
medical questions have few answers they can trust.
The Complete Health System offers correct and reliable
health information. Health questions are answered;
medical information to be evaluated by the individual.
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