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Under the Influence of Evil: A Brutally Abusive Childhood Exposed

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Isolated from the outside world, Darlene had no idea how brutally abusive her life was. She just thought it was normal. Her mother, Jean, beat her from infancy. After she was confronted about the excessive bruises on Darlene, she admitting doing so by coldly saying, “She was driving me crazy.” She also mentally abused Darlene and then controlled her with the resulting fear before she could even talk.
Jean was sexually abused as a child and was drawn to men with the same tendencies. She married at the age of eighteen in 1961 to cover the shame of an unwed pregnancy; that child was Darlene. Jean’s husband sexually abused Darlene when she was an infant. That marriage was short-lived and surrounded by lies that would haunt Darlene as she grew into a young adult.
Another marriage to another pedophile put Darlene’s world into a new realm of horror and pain. He molested her when she was a toddler and raped her from the age of ten. Jean looked the other way while she tried finding the cure to her endless inner misery inside a bottle. Drunk and often drugged, Jean ran wild in the bars and with countless men.
Later into Darlene’s pre-teens, Jean forced her to drink booze on top of heavy doses of barbiturates, then sold her daughter to bikers, millworkers and any other man who would pay to use her in any way they pleased. The physical and emotional pain was dulled somewhat by the intoxication, but still left deep wounds.
Leaving home as a young teen, Darlene ended up in a twisted relationship of bondage and slavery. Still, the whips and chains were better than going back home. Before and during this partnership, which included marriage, many of those lies about her childhood were revealed. One of those was about a father she didn’t know existed, but he didn’t know either.
Finally gaining enough courage to get away from only the world she’d ever known, Darlene left her tattered roots to find the one man who might give her a chance to live a normal life—her real father.
Darlene’s story is one of struggle, hope, and triumph—struggle to understand why the abuse occurred, hope that things can be different, and triumph that through perseverance a new person can emerge.

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