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Conjecture On My Part

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Conjecture On My Part is a collection of short stories and poems, tied together by one common thread: there are no verdicts.

Author Lee Joseph meticulously and poignantly details characters, circumstances, and events. But as to the meaning of any of it, he endeavors to leave that to someone else-you, the reader.

Meaning is very personal. It's about much more than what happened. Beliefs, values, and ideals all play a part in determining the meaning of anything. And so as you read and think about Conjecture On My Part, hopefully you'll find meaning that is of lasting worth to you.

About The Author:
Lee Joseph is Lester Hemingway's pen name. Lee is a lifelong resident of Chicago, Illinois. He lives on the city's Southside with his wife Toyia. Christopher Hemingway is their adult son.

Lee has enjoyed writing for as long as he can remember. "I have an active imagination-to say the least," he says, "and writing is a great use for it."

Conjecture On My Part is a compilation of material that Lee has authored over many years.

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