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The Science of Psychology EXPOSED

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Psychology As A Science - The Science of Psychology EXPOSED : the debate rages on and on. The current directions in psychological science notwithstanding where the premise of psychology as a science is being ignored offers just a glimpse of just how heated the debate is. At stake are billions of dollars in treatment fees and science grants. Is Psychology a science? This book will answer the question and offer insight into what is actually occurring with the so-called ranks of psychologists today. This book offers a person who is thinking critically with psychological science an alternative thought direction. The argument today is that psychology is the science of behavior but this is simply not true. Behavioral science is the science of behavior. As one can imagine, there are many perspectives on psychological science and psychology as a science debate will continue. The Science of Psychology EXPOSED is an eye-opening exposé on a pseudo-science that has been perpetrated against the American people for over 125-years. Born in the mid-1800s, it was once called philosophy but in an effort to lend it respectability, it was labeled science. The American Psychology Association continues to endorse psychology as some far-ranging science. This book exposes the fraud and offers relevant facts as to why psychology can never be labeled a science but more importantly why psychology simply doesn’t work. It is designed and written for parenting and families and will help in family relationships and interpersonal relationships.

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