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Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes: 25 Exciting Entrees with Nutritional Info

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Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes

Lynn has outdone herself this time!  It has been acknowledged in the medical community for years that cutting back on unhealthy, processed carbohydrates is a simple path to restoring health and vitality. Excessive carbs can lead to weight gain and many other ailments.  We've all seen low carb recipes and so many of them fall flat on flavor!  This book was created to remedy that by providing a bevy of interesting, unique and flavorful entrees to cheer about!After having collected and published recipes for decades, I have decided to release a collection of 25 of my personal favorites that I have enjoyed over the years.  Some of them are comfort foods and some seem just plain sinful, but rest assured that they are all healthy, vegetarian and low carb.  If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, losing weight or just looking for inspiration, this collection of low carb vegetarian recipes will tantalize your taste buds! 

From Frittata to Moussaka and everywhere in between, the recipes in this Kindle book were created to please!

An active index is included so that you may click conveniently to each recipe.  Following each recipe is a list of Calorie content, Fat, Protein and Carbs for each serving.  Click away and start making some of my favorite dishes today!

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