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Visionaries Thrive In All Times: law of attraction at work

Length: 348 pages5 hours


“Reality creation is a product of our beliefs, attitudes and habits of thinking, as well as what we know to be so – accurate or not.” Visionaries Thrive In All Times introduces readers to the mechanics of reality creation which is a product of the quality of one's conscious and unconscious patterns and habits. It is in the refining of our patterns and habits that we begin to move into the realms of intentional reality creation. By learning how to partner with Innate Intelligence, we become able to create open-ended realities and achieve levels of success few have experienced. Law of Attraction combined with nonresistance identifies the ultimate formula for true success, true security and true serenity.

Fundamentals of reality creating include a recognition that we are receivers rather than outright manifestors. And while we might intuitively glimpse what is next in our lives or look for what we wish to create suggesting we manifest our realities, clearly we are recipients of our realities. Therefore it is best that we refine our connection, refine our sensing apparatus, re-discover non-resistance and allowing, and become the living antenna systems that we are.

Among a number of fundamental concepts covered include the premise that our nervous system is our connection with the Cosmos and 2nd, if we want to have, be or become more in our lives, our best bet is to partner with something larger than ourselves; something innately successful and something that can always be counted on, no if's, and's, or but's. Ultimately, Innate Intelligence flows through us and in nonresistance and allowing, we become recipients of a scale of order far larger than we can even begin to imagine on our own. The Formula? Nonresistance and Law of Attraction

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