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Just Beyond the Other Side Vol 1

72 pages1 hour


A collection of short horror and science fiction stories with no discernible central theme.

Just Another Day: A man figures out that wants to escape the life he is living.

The Panic Room: A man wakes up in a concrete box with no way out.

Closed Eyes: A woman hears rumors of intrigue and decides to check these rumors out for herself.

There Are a Few Things I Haven't Mentioned...: A journalist crashes his car and another man brings him to the hospital before becoming friends. There is more to his friend than he thinks though...

Love Thy Neighbor: A man moves into a new neighborhood only to find out that the people livng there act very strange. He's about to see just how strange they are.

Wagon Man: A brother and sister comb through a concrete wasteland trying to survive. When his sister disappears, he goes to look for her.

Stumble: Being drunk isn't all it's cracked up to be...

From Womb to Grave: A girl is born and resists all of life's temptations.

Shunt: A policewoman is shown a video of something very disturbing.

Fanciful Spoons: You don't know how much you love something until it's gone.

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