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Seasons of Love

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A Regency Anthology -

The Thief – On a lark, Constance Archer wagers with Lord Blackhazel that one of them will be betrothed before the Season ended. A wager she now hates. At the same time, she reluctantly sets out to assist her brother with affairs of the heart, although he is the last person people would describe as lonely. When a family heirloom goes missing, people are thrown together in a search for its recovery. Is the necklace the only thing that is lost, or will hearts be lost as well?

A Gift Unsought – The chance Alethea had waited for all her life arrived when the whole household turned out in best uniforms to welcome the Marquess and Marchioness of Holmwood and their son, the Earl of Payton to Harper Hall. But Alethea was out of uniform for the first time since entering service. She stood proudly in one of Lady Johanna’s cast-off mourning dresses, deliciously bareheaded. No cap, kerchief or apron for Alethea today!

A Wild Blooded Christmas: With Fangs – Lady Annette Louvel returns to the earl of Ardmoor's home, bringing five unexpected and rather peculiar guests, as well as a heart mending from a rejection one year ago. More unexpected guests arrive, and with it, the possibility of a miracle and love.

The Devil With Green Eyes – A bump on the head leaves Julia with no memory except her first name. She wakes up cold, alone and frightened, until she finds her way to the estate of the fierce Lord James Moore. James has cut himself off from society following the death of his wife, even though the one year mourning period has long since come and gone. Julia helps James rediscover love. When she regains her memory and makes plans to return home, he has to decide if opening himself up to the risk of pain is worth losing his soul a second time.

Barbary Coast Affair - Alexander Haines has a mission—recapture the USS Philadelphia from Barbary Coast pirates. Coddling a pampered daughter of an English earl has no part in that mission. Not, that is, until Katherine Alcott becomes a hostage.

Participating authors – Amy Corwin, Erin E.M. Hatton, Gerri Bowen, Gail Katz, and Cynthia Breeding

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