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Treasures From Paul: Ephesians

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Reading Paul's letter to the Ephesians should be enough to convert anyone to Christ. Try to imagine a devout Christian of our time suddenly converting to the worship of the Greek god Zeus, and being willing to endure fearful hardship, floggings, torture, imprisonment and eventual execution, in order to spread his beliefs around the world. Not only that, but this new convert now derides all other religions, and passionately insists that salvation and eternal life can be found only through total belief in Zeus and the other deities who were presumed to reside on Mt Olympus! What sort of cataclysmic event would be necessary to bring about such an improbable transformation? Probably something like what happened to Paul! He met the risen Christ on the road to Damascus, and was changed for ever. At once a fiercely patriotic Jew, who was actively persecuting the church became its most fervent and famous member. Nothing less than the truth of the gospel can explain Paul's letters, especially Ephesians with its wonderfully exalted portrayal of Christ. If the gospel is not true then some other equally astonishing explanation of the letter must be found, which no one has ever been able to do. This book digs up and displays some of the amazing treasures that lie in Paul's short but immeasurably lovely letter to the Christians in ancient Ephesus.

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