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The Soulbound Curse – Part 2: Amüli Chronicles: Soulbound, #2

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The half-blooded amüli Clae has escaped to Earth, enraging both the Amüli Republic's ruling body and his cousin Marik, whose wife spurs him into hunting Clae down. Unfortunately Marik must consort with soul-eating creatures known as denayn and bring them to the only place where amüli souls still thrive—Earth.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Summer 2017 – Best Fantasy

With the Amüli Republic up in arms, Clae's escape to Earth means Marik must hunt down his half-blood cousin. To find him, Marik must venture into forbidden lands to find soul-eating monsters known as denayn. These creatures, which once thrived alongside amüli, now exist in a constant state of ravenous hunger for amüli souls. The decision to unleash them on Earth, where every amüli's soul now resides, is a huge gamble, yet nothing in or beyond the reach of the Amüli Republic is as adept at hunting as denayn, and Marik has no other choice.

While Clae has fled to Earth, he isn't alone: the ekra necromancer Eti followed him but won't explain why. Lost in a strange human kingdom called Thailand, Clae must not only venture halfway across the world before his Soulbound rejects his soul, but he must also learn how to befriend the hostile ekra if he is going to survive.

At least, until Marik comes for him.

Evolved Publishing presents the second part of the first book in the epic fantasy series

"Soulbound." Discover the fantastic and imaginative world of the Amüli. [DRM-Free]

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