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The New Addition to the Family: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Good Morals

33 pages


Tammy Peterson was just 5 years old but was pretty smart for her age. She had been watching her mom and knew something was different. Her mom's tummy had been getting bigger and bigger for a long time. Finally, she asked what was happening. Was she getting sick or was she just getting fat? Her mom just smiled and said "You will soon find out." Tammy tried to understand what that meant but couldn't figure it out. One day, her mom and dad came in her room and sat down by her just after she woke up. They told her that she would soon have a surprise but wouldn't tell her exactly what it was, only that she would love it. Well, Tammy always wanted a kitten so she decided that must be what the surprise was. She spent her days trying to think of a good name for the kitten and where to put its food and water bowls. She forgot all about her mom's big tummy. One morning, she woke up to find her aunt in the kitchen making breakfast. Her aunt told her that her mom and dad went to get the surprise while she slept and would be home that night with it. Tammy was so happy! All day, she kept looking out the window to see if her parents had come home yet. Finally, her mom and dad came in while Tammy was eating a cupcake after supper. Tammy jumped up and ran to her mom and dad shouting "Oh, let me see my kitten!" What will Tammy think of the new little sister they brought home instead? What do Mr. and Mrs. Peterson think when they realize Tammy thought they were bringing home a kitten?

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