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Samantha, a Maui High student, grows increasingly troubled by a series of rogue text messages appearing on her phone with no name or number. Somehow, she is getting texts meant for others, and she can’t reply. Eventually these cryptic messages lead Sam and her best friend, Lei, to the conclusion that North Korean terrorists are planning to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb in one of Maui's luxury hotels on Easter Sunday. Because of phone pranks Sam and Lei have pulled in the past--and the sketchy information they have about the plot--the girls are reluctant to contact the Maui police. With only six days to decipher the messages and stop the killing of thousands, Sam and Lei enlist the help of two boys from school--physics whiz kid Gi, and football hero, Jason. The four crusading teens are also dealing with distracting personal issues. Sam grapples with the specter of her father's previous addiction, while Lei has to make some difficult decisions about meeting with her biological mother, a woman who abandoned her at birth. Gi's favorite uncle and mentor suffers from advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis, and Jason, a leader on the football field, has been following some peers in a perilous direction. This unlikely group join forces in an attempt to save their island home and thousands of its inhabitants.

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