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Learn German The Right Way! 101 German Words On Flashcards! Topic: In The Home

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The 101 words in this flashcard collection were carefully chosen to optimize the learning of the German language. All the words are commonly used and essential for learners of German. These flashcards are for students who want to quickly multiply their vocabulary word knowledge with ease.
By studying words about a specific topic, students are able to gain a much more thorough foundation for learning German. This way, they can begin speaking and reading German immediately. These essential vocabulary words help beginners of the German language learn enough words about a specific topic to be able to make their own sentences without having to quote from a phrasebook. This is an important skill for a learner of any language to get to the level of being able to partake in a conversation.
The no-nonsense, simple design of the flashcard and a clear font makes it easier to learn and remember the word. This eBook has been designed to be used on your smartphone, tablet and computer so that it can be taken anywhere. The flashcards are also printable.

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