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Breathless Prisoner (Rick and Owen Breathplay, #1)

34 pages27 minutes


Rick's having a bad day when he's involved in a fender-bender. But when hunky cop Owen stops to help, his day takes a turn for the better. 

Later that evening, when Owen stops by unexpectedly, he and Rick explore the wonders of breath-play in the hot tub and while handcuffed. 

This is the first story in the "Rick & Owen" series of one-sitting short reads that explore the relationship between two gay men who are into BDSM, breath play, and related fetishes. 

***Warning: This 7000 word short story contains some explicit and graphic language. It contain gagging, blowjobs, asphyxiation (bagging and drowning), and gay oral sex. It is intended for mature audiences.***

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