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Soil, Seed & Betrayal

214 pages3 hours


Whilst working as a housemaid for her Mother’s Agency as she awaits her applications for a position as a botanist to be considered Sarah Crawford meets a man who epitomises her image of the ultimate Latin Lover, who offers to give her a practical demonstration of what score his lover’s expect from him.
Attending an interview with the Serafina Botanical institute Sarah finds herself face to face with the ‘Latin Lover’, Dr Nico Salzano, who happens to be the Director of the Serafina Institute; but against the odds she finds herself as part of the team working in Abia where she meets a charming Desert Prince.
Nothing is ever quite what it seems in the desert and Sarah finds herself embroiled in the machinations of unscrupulous people who want to discredit her moral and professional reputation.

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