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Body Language

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Maude Philpott was and always had been a plain girl who found it difficult to fit in to the diplomatic circles her Ambassador father Sir Reginald moved in. After years of dreaming about desert princes she finally took her life in hand and left her Father and the desert behind in the hope of finding a new life in which she could feel comfortable being herself.
Qasim al Abia had learned to look beyond a beautiful face or intelligent mind, but that did not stop him wondering if the British Ambassador’s plain daughter had any saving graces. He too left his desert home and thought to seek a position in the Abian Embassy in London. His last meeting with Maude before leaving Abia had confused him and he resolved when they met again he would bring some excitement into her life.
The few encounters they have only adds to his confusion and to her dreams being renewed until the night of a Reception at the Embassy of Abia which resulted in Qasim returning to Abia and Maude once more facing shattered dreams.

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